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1. Onecoin Exchange: Exchange platform weekly summary, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Exchange platform weekly summary

Trade stage week after week rundown Week  IT improvement Ongoing work for the utilization of Exchange points of a confinement dependent on the liquidity (no restrictions relevant from wallet to the wallet as it is an inner exchange). The Exchange organization can't trade for in excess of 10,000 dollars for each activity per customer every month. 

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A Very Big Announcement About OneCoin Exchange Strategy:

 In connection with the 9-month business strategy we recently informed you, the OneLife team has prepared a useful and easy manual on CoinSafe features.

  It is important that all ONE users are well informed about what is coming.

 Please note that 2 months after switching on the exchange, the CoinSafe feature will no longer be available to new users.

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How can I become a member of OneCoin?

So as to turn into an individual from the OneCoin/OneLife Network, you should initially be supported by a present part on favorable terms. He/She will control you in the basic leadership procedure of which training bundle to buy, which will rely upon your hazard solace level and spending plan. 

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Dear Members, 

Onecoin Organization:

We are distributing the official proclamation of the OneCoin organization with regard to the continued media productions with no publication changes: 

OneCoin authority proclamation with regard to distributions regarding uncovered criminal gathering known with OneCoin digital cash 

The OneCoin organization may wish to formally specific that the various current media declarations regarding AN uncovered criminal gathering, occupied with outlawed minimization utilizing the OneCoin digital currency, are false and are deceiving folks generally. 

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Onecoin Exchange Has Been Approved 
1. onecoin Exchange :

The whole documentation was conveyed by Onecoin and the Authorities. Just the rundown is missing, which digital currencies will be consulted in detail. Important: everything is prepared! One is affirmed - a few subtleties are absent.

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