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The 2Sa1015 Is PNP Transistor that is especially Used For widespread cause Amplification. This Transistor includes 3 Terminals: Emitter, Base And Collector. N Layer Represents the bottom facet And P Layers represent Emitter And Collector. Inside the marketplace 2sa1015-Y, 2sa1015 And A1015 Are to be had.

2sa1015 pinout
The Pinout Of This Transistor Is Given beneath in the Diagram And All Configuration is also Given below inside the desk.

2sa1015 Transistor pinout

Pins Configuration A1015 Transistor
Pin No. Pin call Description
1. Emitter contemporary Drain In thru Emitter
2. Collector modern waft Out through Collector
3. Base manipulate The present day among Emitter & Collector
Capabilities of 2sa1015
Type: PNP
Energy Dissipation: 0.4W
High Voltage & excessive contemporary: Vceo = 50v And Ic = 150mA
Low Frequency: 1dB
Case material: Molded Plastic
Collector  Dissipation: 400mW
DC current gain: 400
Collector Emitter & Collector Base Breakdown Voltage: 50voltDc
 Emitter  Base Saturation Voltage: 1.1voltDc
Collector & Emitter Saturation Voltage: zero.3voltDc
 Emitter Base Voltage: 1.45Vdc
Running Temperature & garage Temperature: -55℃ To +150℃
2sa1015 alternative
The  replacement And exchange Of 2sa1015 Are The: 2SA1013,2SA1275, KSA1013 Or KTA1275,KST93 (SOT-23).

2sa1015 smd
2SA1015 SMD Is LT1-BA (2SA1015-SOT23 SMD)
Supplement a1015 Transistor
The supplement Of This Transistor  Is The: 2SC2383.

A1015 equivalent Transistors
NTE290A, 2SA495, 2SA561, 2SA564A, 2SA573, 2SA675, 2SA705, 2SA850, 2SA999, BC212, BC257, BC307, BC557,BC558,BC559, 2N3494, 2SA781, KT3108A,KTA1015

Wherein we will Use it  & a way to Use?
2SA1015 Transistor Is in particular Used For Audio Amplifier programs.This Transistor also can Be Used For The Switching purpose, while Used As An Audio Amplification, can be power In lively vicinity. It's miles Divided Into 4 classes other in step with The DC current gain, O(one hundred forty), Y(240), G(four hundred), And L(seven hundred)  Hfe DC contemporary advantage Respectively.2SA1015 Is Used within the below Circuit Of LED Flasher, Capacitor C1 And R1 Is Used As Audio Frequency Generator To Q1 &Q2 Transistor that's Used As switch. And, Q2 is also Used For developing The cutting-edge. From Capacitor C1 through R2 And LED, Q1 Will paintings until The Voltage Drop will increase across C1. Therefore, Q2 starts offevolved Of Held, And A current Flows through LED And It continue to be ON.

2LED flasher the usage of 2sa1015

Programs Of 2sa1015
Utilized in Making Led Flasher
AF Amplifier
Driving force stage Amplifier action
May be Used Darlington Pair

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