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Sustainable investing is the new normal! 

Often, investors are encouraged to avoid unstable investments with relatively quick yields as these are unsustainable. The power of slow and steady progress is imminently clear and comes on top – whether at the gym, school, or in our careers. One wonders why we expect it to be any different in the investment environment. Expecting our portfolios to do something other than what they are designed to do is a recipe for disaster. This means you need to keep your expectations realistic regarding the length, time and growth that each portfolio will encounter.
 Only registered crypto firms are going to be “legal”
Unlocking sufficient benefits for the crypto industry in Ukraine has its costs though. Earlier this week, Andriy Khavryuchenko, founder of software firm DevNull.AI, tweeted that Ukraine’s bill “On Virtual Assets” would make all crypto wallets in Ukraine illegal, unless they registered with the Ministry.

According to the draft law, local firms are required to register in order to operate a fiat-to-crypto business in Ukraine legally, Chobanian elaborated to Cointelegraph. “If you do it without the registry, you are basically illegal, that’s what the law says,” Chobanian noted. The executive also pointed out that such firms will have to ensure Anti-Money Laundering or AML, and Know Your Customer, or KYC, compliance.

Ukraine’s crypto law comes in response to FATF’s AML requirements
According to Chobanian, the new bill comes in response to a request by the Financial Action Task Force, or FATF. Last year, they announced that they would seek to adopt AML guidelines for crypto by June 2020.

Ukraine has been considering a law to regulate crypto assets for at least four years. First reports on Ukrainian crypto regulation came in late 2015, when the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine announced plans to define the legal status of Bitcoin by January 2016. Similar to Russia, none of the existing crypto legislation initiatives have been adopted so far in Ukraine.

Merchant's Shout Out

As an integrated part of the One Ecosystem, the DealShaker platform increases usability of the OneCoin. It encourages IMAs and Merchants to join the platform, to buy and sell products and services. We want to remind our subscribers of the Merchant Shout Out feature for Merchants who demonstrate high levels of motivation, performance, and customer service. Of course, it is expected that the Merchant will generate additional traction and publicity through this segment of the Newsletter.

Send us your stories and suggestions! We will give tribute to merchants with active deals, as our way of saying "Thank you!". All teams can send their shout out suggestions to:

Provide pictures and details on the location of the merchant, the type of deals offered, name of the merchant or business and why you think they are worthy of a shout out.

THIS WEEK’S SHOUT OUT GOES TO Clean Tech General Services Limited from the Caribbean Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, physically located in the Town of Arima in Trinidad. Clean Tech General Services was one of the earliest businesses in Trinidad and Tobago to offer a variety of services on the DealShaker platform, including General Cleaning and Janitorial Services, Office and Building Maintenance, Hard Floor Care and Carpet Maintenance. Clean Tech General Services Ltd is also engaged in Vehicle Detailing and Yard Services, these services range between 60%, 80% and 100% Ones. This extremely popular merchant is also well known for offering many exciting, many sorts after deals for the sale and rental of Vehicles for Ones and Fiat in the range of 60%, 80% and he has even done 100% deals. We encourage Clean Tech General Services Ltd to keep ‘rolling’ in these deals!!

Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Sweden
We wish to extend congratulations to:
Miroslav Grgic for appointment as Country Manager for Croatia, Bosnia, and Macedonia
Nenad Vranjevac for appointment as Country Manager for Serbia and Montenegro
Ola Fabiansson for appointment as Country Manager for Sweden
We wish to advise that Mr. Fred Fok and Mrs. Sherry Gong have been removed from their Country Manager position for China. The Company is now accepting applications from persons who are interested in becoming the Country Manager for China.
20th - 27th May
And we are off to full throttle! Join in and experience the excitement. 

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