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Fiverr search engine optimization (search engine optimization) take a look at Questions answers 2019
Fiverr seo take a look at Questions and answers [Latest Updated: Dec 2019]

Search engine optimization Fiverr take a look at Solved solutions listing [Updated: Feb 2020]
Question # 1:  A Hallway page is used to:

Answer: allow search engine bots to index the entrance Pages

Query # 2: Which of the subsequent statements is correct with reference to the description meta tag?

Answer: Google makes use of the meta description to generate the hunt engine consequences pages

Question # 3: Which of the following elements have an impact on the Google PageRank?

Answer: the total wide variety of inbound hyperlinks to a page of a internet site

Query # 4: Which seek engine technology prevents a internet site from acting in severa top positions in the search engine end result pages?

Answer: Sifting

Question # 5: Which of the following statements approximately FFA pages are real?

Solution: they are also called link farms

Question # 6: if you search for the term “iq check” in the word Tracker key-word notion tool, will it return the quantity of unbiased searches for the time period “iq”?

Answer: No

Question # 7: Cloaking is a controversial search engine optimization method. What does it contain?

Answer: providing a special set of web pages to the search engines

Question # eight: __________ uses crawls and directories to generate relevant effects

Answer: Crawler-based totally search engines like google

Query # nine: Which term is usually used to describe the shuffling of positions in search engine effects in among predominant updates?

Solution: Flux

Question # 10: search engines like google and yahoo do not index some commonplace words (together with “or”, “and”, “while”, and “in”) inside the web web page. What are these commonplace words referred to as?

Answer: forestall words

Query # eleven: what's key-word density?

Answer: The quantity of times the keyword is used and extended with the aid of hundred / (DIVIDED with the aid of) the full word expect the web page

Query # 12: Which of the following statements approximately search engine optimization techniques are correct:

Answer: It is not a great idea to have the equal anchor textual content for all inbound links as it is able to look automated to the search engines like google and yahoo

Question # thirteen: Which of the subsequent activities may be appeared down upon by means of Google as consistent with their exceptional recommendations?

Solution: deliberately including keywords to the title tags and ALT attributes

Question # 14: Which of the following statements concerning internet site content are accurate?

Solution: Syndicating your content may want to lead to Google viewing the cloth as duplicate

Query # 15: Which of the subsequent is an moral seo approach?

Answer: not one of the above

Question # 16: Google gives priority to themed inbound hyperlinks

Solution: proper

Question # 17: Which of the following loose gear/websites ought to help you pick out which metropolis in the global has the biggest search for the keyword “six sigma”?

Yahoo seek term notion device

Answer: WordTracker

Query # 18: What does the 302 server reaction code represent?

Answer: The page has briefly moved

Question # 19: at the same time as optimizing your website it's far crucial to generate the right sort of traffic, how does the jump charge records assist in this regard?

Solution: via letting you already know the proportion of users who entered the website after which left with out viewing some other page

Question # 20: what is the characteristic of “indexes” part of the Google seek engine?

Answer: It helps to generate meaningful outcomes primarily based upon the consumer’s seek time period

Query # 21: the following robots meta tag directs the hunt engine bots:

<META NAME =”robots” CONTENT=”noindex,nofollow”>

Solution: not to index the web page and not to follow the links within the page

Question #22: what is the call of the hunt engine technology because of which a query for the phrase ‘actor’ will even show seek outcomes for related phrases consisting of actress, appearing or act?

Answer: Stemming

 query #23: Which of the following may be termed as exact keyword selection and site techniques?


Concentrated on synonym of the principle keyword
Optimizing five or more key phrases per page

Query #24: in case you input ‘assist website:www.Expertrating.Com’ inside the Google seek field, what is going to Google look for?

Answer: it's going to discover pages about assist inside www.Expertrating .Com

Query #25: Which of the following does Google uses to display characters of an internet page’s name Tag?

Answer: identify Tag character matter

Question #26: Which of the following statements approximately Google’s technical and fine pointers are actual?

Answer: it is fine in case your web server helps the If-changed given that HTTP header

Query #27: Which of the following elements does Google do not forget while having access to whether or no longer a website is an authority website?

Answer: The variety of in-certain herbal hyperlinks associated with the internet site’s subject (or keywords)

Question #28:  Which of the subsequent facts about Alexa are accurate?

Solution: Alexa affords loose facts on relative websites traveler site visitors

Query #29: kingdom whether of the following assertion is actual or false.

A sitemap offers a listing of inner hyperlinks to user available pages on a internet site

Solution: authentic

Query #30: kingdom whether or not actual or fake

The Yahoo listing list is a free service for commercial websites.

Answer: genuine

Question # 31: Which of the following statements approximately the Google Sitemap are correct:

Solution: The Sitemap acceptable to Google follows an XML layout

Query #32: even as grading your website, Google offers credit score to outbound hyperlinks pointing to authority web sites?

Answer: authentic

Question #33: Which of the following website design guidelines had been advocated by using Google?

Solution: Having a clear hierarchy and textual content lines

Query #34: what will the following robots.Txt report do?





Solution: it will disallow Google from crawling any of the dynamically generated pages. It will permit the altavista scooter bot to access each page

Query #35: Which of the subsequent movements may want to get you banned by way of Google?

Solution: Hiding text on the web site

Question #36: Which of the subsequent statement approximately RSS is correct?

Answer: it's miles a shape of XML

Question # 37: what's the term for Optimization techniques that are in unknown vicinity of reputability/validity?

Answer: gray hat techniques

Question #38: what is going to occur if you type the phrases ‘Certification –Networking’ within the Google search field?

Answer: Google will find the web pages approximately Certification that do not comprise the phrase Networking

Query #39: How are websites maps essential for the seo process?

Solution: web site maps assist the hunt engine spider choose up extra pages from the website

Question #40: Which black hat search engine optimization approach is characterised by a way to misinform engines like google, through detecting the hunt engine bot and “feeding” it with a exclusive HTML code than the HTML genuinely served to customers?

Answer: Cloaking

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