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Non Salary Budget (NSB) 

Objectives of NSB Scheme
To enhance the funds
To lessen drop out
To improve enrolment & ensure retention
To empower school control and faculty council
To enhance the faculty’s surroundings (physical & studying)
Short & long time targets
100% cleanliness of Building, Classrooms, Playgrounds, and Washrooms
90% teacher’s attendance
100% entire & functionalized Basic Facilities i.E. Electricity, drinking water, washrooms, boundary wall

100% repair of fixtures

25% buy of new fixtures at some stage in first year
100% functionalized to be had school rooms
Students retention enhanced by 20% in 3 years (baseline 78%)
Channel of NSB
PMIU will allocate the budget for schools according to the NSB formula
PMIU will tell to CEO (Edu.) and CEO (F&P) faculty’s fund
Each college may be informed about decided budget
Funds could be without delay deposited from province to SC account as Special Drawing Account (SDA)
FTF and other price range might be deposited in any other account (These amounts will now not be jumbled together SC account)
Head trainer will use these finances as Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) with keeping expenditure record
School has liberty to apply funds under NSB policy phase 2.three
SC will work consistent with SC Policy 2007
SBAP (School Based Action Plan) can be organized

Budget codes

Usage of NSB
Funds will not be used on non listed items in NSB Policy which are;
– Purchase of Land
– Any work/ hobby which is not in college’s premises
– Purchase of vehicles etc.
– Those items with the intention to no longer be used in college
All non salary/ recurrent fees may be covered from NSB Fund
No extra finances can be allocated for non salary fees

Usage of NSB

Stages of Long Term School’s Planning
7 Stages of Long Term School Planning
1-Identification of School’s Vision
2- Current Situation Analysis of School
3- Identification of School’s Objectives/aims
four- Identification of School’s Need
5- Classification/ Categorization of school’s need
6- Cost Estimation of School Needs
7- Preparation of Budget
Identification of School Vision
Vision will help to set the faculty’s objectives
SC and Head Teacher will prepare School’s vision
Vision can be:
“Provide snug and encouraging educational environment to obtain the better outcomes”
Current Situation Analysis of School
Strength of School, retention of students
Results (PEC and BISE)
Basic Facilities (Electricity, Drinking Water, Boundary Wall, Toilet Blocks)
Furniture (for students and teachers)
Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Playground
Security SOPs
Identification of School’s Objectives/ Aims
Objective may be organized by SC and Head Teacher
Objectives set by using govt. will be considered as in step with NSB Policy
– Improvement in educational surroundings
– Improvement in bodily surroundings
– Ensure the retention of students
Identification of School’s Need
School wishes may be identified in step with:
Daily school’s want and reviewing the situational analysis
Enhancement of Enrolment, Functionality of Laboratories, White wash, cleanliness of lecture rooms and wash rooms ,software bills, restore of boundary wall, stationery, new furniture and repair of current furnishings, sanitary paintings etc.
Make a whole list of needs
Classification/ Categorization of school’s need
All faculty wishes can be Classified/ categorize in 2 organizations for higher results
1- Compulsory Needs:
Repair & white wash of classrooms, material for gardening, software bill, add-ons for cleanliness, cleanliness of college, restore of electrical wiring, repair of fixtures, buy of furniture, sanitary work and consuming water, learning material, getting to know cloth for children
2- Important Needs:
White wash of building, restore of boundary wall, plantation, stationery for mastering & office, brief teachers, water tank, first aid box/ cloth, beautification, Charts
Cost Estimation of School Needs
Cost estimation of all needs may be carried out with the aid of SC and Head Teacher
Consider all type of fees like:
1. Cost of fabric/ objects
2. Packing price of objects
3. Transportation, loading/ unloading fee of gadgets
4. Installation fee
5. Maintenance price
Preparation of Budget
Budget ought to contain desires with referred to priority
Quantity & Quality can be cited in plan
Estimated price of all items will be referred to in plan separately
Mention the responsibility (Head/Sc)
Sample of Budget

Budget Sample

Implementation of SBAP/ Budget
School head trainer may be responsible to implement
Detailed implementation plan can be prepared
Purchase items in bulk to lessen the price
Major paintings/ construction (which could disturb the each day college routine/ functions )could be commenced in summer vacation
PPRA (Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority) Rules ought to be followed
Method of Procurement
Petty Purchase (up to Rs 50000, No citation required)
Request for Quotation (3 quotations required for buy Rs 50000 to 100000)
Open Competitive Bidding (1 lac to 20 lac One each day N.P and internet of PPRA) (for greater than 20 lac two N.P (Eng and urdu) and PPRA internet)
Income Tax
Purchases: Registered Company 4%
Registered Individual four.5% (No I.Tax on buy much less than Rs 25000)
Services: Registered Company 8%
Registered Individual 10% (No I.Tax on sevices less than Rs 10000)
Sales Tax
Purchases: Registered Supplier 17% (20% of GST)
Services: Registered Supplier 16% (20% of PST)
Note: No buy could be made from unregistered company/individual
Record of NSB
1. Cash Book
2. Inventory Register(Stock List)
3. Budget Register
four. Monthly Reconciliation Statement
5. Record For MEA:
Balance on 30-6-17, NSB received during current year, Total Consumed, Consumed throughout last month, Current Balance
Cash Book (Record for cash transaction)
1. Cash amount/ transaction can be recorded
2. Head instructor will paste the Receipts of purchased objects and & CNIC reproduction of purchaser in paste file
three. School financial institution transactions element (test #, date of issuance and call of person) will be entered in cash book
4. SC can permit to head instructor to carry any precise amount no longer more than Rs. 5000/- in hand for each day charges
5. Head instructor can draw more than Rs. 5000/- as consistent with want in one day
6. In case of Rs. 10000/- or above quantities for any item(s) will be paid thru cross test
Inventory Register (Record for fabric detail)
1. Schools will put together the stock register
2. All objects available in school can be entered in college’s stock register
3. New purchased material can be entered in inventory register
Budget Register
1. School will keep the finances register
2. All purchases element might be entered in register
three. Ledger (income, fees and stability sheet) ought to be updated
Sample of Budget Register

Budget Register

Approval of SBAP
SC and college staff will put together the SBAP
SBAP may be authorized in SC assembly thru voting according to SC coverage 2007
Approved SBAP can be sent to AEO for evaluation
AEO can point out/ objection on any item(s) and inform to SC in writing with CC to relevant Dy. DEO
Objections may be mentioned in SC assembly and send the answer to Relevant Dy. DEO
Dy. DEO will solve the issue after travelling the college
Implementation of SBAP/ Budget
School head instructor will be accountable to implement
Detailed implementation plan might be organized
Purchase objects in bulk to lessen the price
Major paintings/ construction (which may be disturbed the daily faculty routine/ functions )could be began in summer season vacation
Procurement and Financial Guidelines for School Councils could be determined Like: 1) diversified purchase
2) buy through quotations at neighborhood level three) tendering at nearby level
Funds can be transferred/ allocated from Special Drawing Accounts (SDAs) in SC account in 4 same installments
SBAP could be mentioned and monitored in month-to-month SC assembly consistent with SC policy 2007 and underneath cited actions could be mentioned and checked
– Are the fees in line with the budget?
– Are the division of resources considered?
– Are the paintings progress is according to the timeline
– Are the results of SBAP according to the govt. Target
– PPRA regulations are being followed?
– Performance of contractor can be discovered
SC will take a look at the progress on quarterly basis
School will send the quarterly expense record and development file of SBAP to Dy. DEO and DMO
These expense detail and record may be provided to MEAs
School will take financial institution declaration on quarterly basis
Review of SBAP/ Budget
Budget can be reviewed any time In case unplanned non forecasted objects
SC will assessment the SBAP in quarterly assembly
Emended SBAP might be sent to AEO for approval in step with the SC policy 2007
Auditor General government of Pakistan can audit the earning and fees
Govt. Have liberty to appoint any 3rd birthday party for audit
Audit might be made in selected schools each year
Education department

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