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The 2N7002 N-Channel is a logic stage MOSFET with a low on-country resistance. This mosfet has a low gate to source threshold voltage of 2.1volts and commonly this makes the mosfet appropriate even for three.3volt software circuits. Because the mosfet has low on nation resistance it has high efficiency for the duration of while we pressure the mosfet. Due to this property it can keep high switching overall performance and consequently used considerably in power management application. The 2N7002 mosfet also comes in a SMD package deal so may be used for compact applications. One full-size disadvantage of this mosfet is its low drain cutting-edgeit may deliver a continuous contemporary of 200mA and peaks currents upto 1A at max threshold voltage. Anything greater than that will drawback the mosfet.

Pin configuration of 2N7002 N-channel logic level Mosfet
2N7002 N-channel Logic Level MOSFET,Features,Applications

2N7002 detail

Pin# Name Symbol Type Function
1 Gate G P-Type Controls the contemporary among Drain and Source
2 Drain D N-Type Electrons Emitter(Drain)
three Source S N-Type Electrons Collector(Source)
The 2N7002 N Channel encompass three pins total. The pins along side the kinds and names are given above table. Electrons drift from Drain to source terminal. The output cutting-edge depends at the voltage carried out to the Gate terminal.

Features of 2N7002

Available in To-92 and SOT23-3L package deal
On-nation Resistance is


Basic purpose of this undertaking is to trigger an LED with a easy contact. Skins resistance is about 600K to 1M. So if we try to construct a circuit using just an LED, energy deliver and contact conductors, the LED will not glow because, skin’s resistance is very high that prevents enough cutting-edge. So we have the simplest option is to make bigger the tiny present-day flowing through the skin to a magnitude enough for an LED. For extend the contemporary, we need to use transistors. The circuit will even work with just one transistor, but the LED doesn’t glow vivid with single transistor. That is why we are imparting circuits diagram 1 with unmarried transistor and 1 with transistor

Tiny modern-day flows thru the skin when contact conductor is touched by using a finger. This tiny cutting-edge is amplified in magnitude via the transistor and sufficient modern flows via emitter to collector and LED glows.

Components Required:

BC547 (or every other npn transistors)
Resistors: 1K
9V Power Supply

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