Ehd e Wafa episode 23 Review

Ehd e Wafa scene 23

In the past scene, the tale of Ehd e Wafa was exceptionally good. All companions get together, and their fellowship scene is ground-breaking to such an extent that everybody disregards the imperfections of subterranean insect character. The story is advancing on the following stage how about we start the audit of Ehd e Wafa scene 23.

Shahzain is attempting his best to win the political decision. For choosing in the political decision, he is utilizing force and utilizes Sheheryar without illuminating him. Shahzain is looking crazing for the political decision. Be that as it may, Chaudary Maher and his child are not concurring with Shahzain. Chaudary Maher and his child are having a legitimate explanation that Shahzain guaranteed them. Shahzain has been tasted the flavor of intensity and authority and realizes he needs to get back this force and impact. Chaudary Maher and his child are not prepared to give him some help so that there is a battle among them, and shahzain slapped Chaudary Waqar.

In the following scene, Shahzain is shooted by somebody, and he is in emergency clinic. Thus, everybody is extremely strained. Shariq and Sheheryar additionally came to the emergency clinic. Everybody thinks about Chaudary Maher and Chaudary Waqar with the goal that everybody is foreseeing that they assaulted Shahzain. As we see, the Sheheryar character becomes negative in view of intensity and authority, thus that Shahzain is playing a game. He is doing this to take everybody's compassion. By this game, Shahzain can dispose of Chaudary Maher and his child.

Saad is additionally in a confounded circumstance, and the condition in Kashmir isn't in charge. Saad comes to think about Shahzain through radio. There the adoration between these companions is fabulous. They care for one another, and Shariq and Sheheryar are attempting their best to discover the individual who assaults Shahzain. Shariq and Sheheryar, yet in addition Saad is stressed over Shahzain. There feeling for there is wins the hearts of individuals.

Rani is character gets perilous as it was in early scenes; she is continually discussing Shahzain. She cherishes him and faithful to him. However, Rani is even against her dad and sibling. It is somewhat cumbersome that she says nothing to Shahzain as he is fouling up. In any case her character is indicating steadfastness with Shahzain. She chose to make lawful move against her dad and sibling. She dispatches FIR against her dad and sibling.

At long last, Shahryar discusses Masooma and tells that he likewise has an inclination for her. Because of his destitution and monetary condition, he declined to Masooma. He is additionally in torment since he likewise has a feeling of affection for Masooma. This scene is passionate as Shariq recalls their school days when Shaheryar consistently gives him comfort in a tough situation. Be that as it may, this scene shows the significance of companions. This scene very heart contacting.

Everybody believes that Waqar shooted Shahzain. Malik Allah yar, Rani, Shariq, and Sheheryar are forceful need to render retribution from Chaudary Waqar. Shahzain exploits this circumstance. Chaudary Maher gives him an offer that they won't participate in the political decision in the event that he pulls back the argument against Chaudary Waqar. By this, it appears that Shahzain needs this, and he is doing this for his political race and causes them to concur. How about we see what will occur next in Ehd e Wafa Story.

In the Ehd e Wafa scene 23, Shahzain character turns out to be exceptionally dubious. Shariq is going to uncover the exhibition of all legislators what will happen when he covers the Shahzain territory. Saad is battling with adversaries, and the condition isn't in charge. The great news for Saad is that Dua is pregnant; this additionally offers hints that Saad is going to saint in Ehd e Wafa Story. What will Sheheryar accomplish for Shahzain? is this genuine Shahzain plans this all measure to advance clear or Chaudary Waqar assault him. The account of Ehd e Wafa turns out to be additionally energizing and suspicious. How about we witness what will in the following scene of Ehd e Wafa.

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