Ehd e Wafa episode 22 Review

Ehd e Wafa episode 22 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd E Wafa, the story is progressing. All SSG boys have began their professional life and doing very well. Sheheryar and Shariq’s man or woman is heart winning. They conflict a lot for their position. Ehd e Wafa episode 22 is also a happy episode of Ehd e Wafa. All of SSG boys are collectively that excites lots the viewers. Everyone desires to see all my pals together on screen. It is the happiest episode of Ehd e Wafa drama.

Shariq exposes the real face of Haji Sahb and suggests his all land grabbing case on television. This act creates significant stress on Haji Sahb, and so he agrees to do everything. Fortunately, Shariq and Ramsha are secure and sound. Shariq and Shehryar make haji Sahb agree to give the market charge of Firdous Sahb land. Finally, they're a success of their mission. They plan and perform very wisely, and Haji Sahb has the best choice to comply with their direction.

The most exciting scene of the Ehd e Wafa Episode 22 is all SSG boys are collectively whilst Saad is getting geared up for his marriage day. There are making fun and taking part in this beautiful moment. It is the maximum delicate part of Ehd e Wafa drama and also the topic of the show. This beautiful scene reminds anyone, their pals, as friendship is a priceless blessing. In addition to them, Gulzar is likewise present, and they're playing loads.

They are speaking approximately Mulana Sahb and making fun of him. Their reason is to tease Saad, not the Mulana Sahb. But a few viewers suppose it is wrong to criticize a few non secular representatives in drama. But I experience so it's miles just a comic story and simply making a laugh with their friend. Their target isn't Mulana Sahb. Overall, the entirety is enjoyable; all are looking very cool. One extra surprising thing is that Dua is also carrying a uniform as a bride. It is a surprise in the drama that Dua additionally will become an army health practitioner captain. Its terrific element their couple is asking fabulous.

Haji Sahb takes revenge from Sheheryar and transfers his duty to a village. Accidently he's posting to Shahzain village. The tale goes to be interesting. There additionally Sheheryar suggests positive character and teaches a lesson to our on-obligation officer. If each officer thinks and works as a servant of people, all the structures will robotically improve. This step is a little bit difficult, however not as much. Just need for courage and durable will energy.

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Preparation for the new election is going to begin as journalist Shariq is geared up to expose all performances of elected persons. Shariq individual is compelling, and he knows the strength of journalism, and greater than this, he is aware of a way to use this electricity.
Shahzain is likewise looking very assured and another time wants to participate within the election. And Shahzain makes hyperlinks and builds his position, and so he needs a ministry after the election. Shahzain picture in his village isn't always proper as people aren't satisfied with Shahzain. Malik Allah Yar is also seeking to make him understand, but he isn't always listening. More than this, Rani Brother Waqar wishes to participate inside the election and want Shahzain support. Shahzain also promises him for this.

But shahzain refused to assist Waqar and tell him that he goes to participate in the election. Rani is likewise with Malik Shahzain, and for his support, she even makes her brother angry. Shahzain needs electricity and authority at any cost, which makes his person extra negative let’s see what will occur subsequent inside the story.

Saad and Dua is a newly married couple, and they're looking pleased with every other. But Saad is going to Kashmir. Saad’s man or woman is hugely positive, and it shows that his death goes to be happening in drama. Let’s see in upcoming episodes of Ehd e Wafa that either it's miles authentic or no longer.

Ehd e Wafa episode 22 is overall satisfied as the whole lot goes very smoothly. I assume Ehd e Wafa’s story has a few twist, which will amuse the viewers. Over the meeting of SSG boys and Gulzar, make all and sundry glad. Every man or woman of Ehd e Wafa is doing very well. Lets what is going to be new in the subsequent episode of Ehd e Wafa.

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