Deewangi - Episode 12 | Review

 Deewangi - Episode 12 || English Subtitles  

Living with her barbarous brother by marriage, driven Nageen Faiyaz works a few modest employments to break liberated from the shackles of neediness and reliance.

Filling in as a transport master, she meets Sultan Durrani; soon-to - be legislator with extraordinary impact. Drawn by her essence, Sultan succumbs to Nageen, from the outset sight. Unconscious of the power of what is to come straightaway, he freely communicates his feelings to Nageen. The accompanying occasions change the course of their lives and profession. With the help from her companions, Nageen endeavors to begin once more.

Incapable to determine his distinction with Nageen, Sultan sets on the strategic discover her once more. Will Nageen and Sultan's subsequent association be as awful as the first? Or on the other hand will the tempest of sentiments at last discover harmony?

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