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* New DealShaker united states managers to be announced quickly
* IT development
* We begin running on OneForex
* New GNLG assembly in Vietnam this week
* incredible DS events all over the world
* do not omit our upcoming occasions!
* "Captain's nook"

New DealShaker country Managers

Currently the employer reviewed DealShaker Franchise Holders' every year file for the last 2019. After sturdy evaluation and lengthy discussions, we are satisfied to announce that soon there could be One u . S . Manager, answerable for each us of a. The dynamic development of the DS markets make us believe that the new restructuring will cause higher results for the organization and for it is contributors.
This decision is likewise based on latest signals for unfair competition amongst a few international locations, that have extra than 1 Franchise holder. By getting returned to the excellent and only way to rely on 1 local leader or team to be in price, we are hoping to make certain a honest, comfortable and developing DS market.
We are currently operating on the subsequent three year business plan and the DS New shape is of high significance for the company development.
A listing with the new DS united states of america Managers is to be introduced quickly!

IT improvement - new systems predicted

The business enterprise began running on several IT task, covered inside the organisation year Plan for IT development. We're already keen to see the brand new DealShaker Platform!
Consistent with the brand new information and inner information, the brand new DS Platform ought to be provided very soon - till the end of February this yr!
The Captain and the center groups are to be up to date approximately the task progress bi-weekly.


As an vital part of the enterprise policy and a main aspect in personal development for the participants of OneFamily, we are running on the OneForex Platform and the trying out versions have to be available very soon!
OneForex is a forex education application of OneAcademy that combines main schooling, marketplace simulation and prizes for the satisfactory traders.
Don't leave out that out!

Second GNLG meeting coming quickly !

Wonderful news for the upcoming weekend! On February eighth and 9th a huge occasion, held through Captain Simon Le and Co-captain King Jayms, will take vicinity in Vietnam!
DS u . S . A . Managers' portions of training could be led via center group Leaders to build a right communique channel and pass returned to all factors of 1 ecosystem.
Over 70 Leaders are predicted to participate on this global event!

More facts approximately the subjects discussed and pix from the event - please assume in our next newsletter!

Because of Coronavirus warnings in China, the deliberate DS Expo on the give up of the worldwide event can be canceled. But nonetheless, the contributors may have the risk to go to many regular DealShaker shops in Ho Chi Minh.
Latest occasions

Fintech and satisfied buying Ecommerce regional Seminar

Lovina seashore, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia

Over 200 IMAs participated inside the event, held by using Dr. Putra (GNLG Indonesia) and Michael Yeo (GNLG Australia).
Attendants may want to take part inside the lectures and the a part of the dialogue of the program.
- Roadmap 2020-2021 and GNLG with the aid of Dr. Putra
- DealShaker Compliance education & Case study through Michael Yeo
- Grand approach to improve Usability and Sustainability of one atmosphere through Dr. Putra

- OneLife Indonesia commitment and motion Plan by way of Norman Araya

Global speakers have been Captain Simon Le and Co-Captain King Jayms, as well as Fred Fok - Head of Dealshaker worldwide middle crew.

The Seminar became observed by way of a DealShaker Bazaar with about 12 traders.

India Mini Bazaar January
Over 1200 contributors' attendees
35 traders
Eighty deals
2 hundred products
800 coupons redeemed

Awesome task!

DealShaker training in Bangkok, January 26th, 2020

Latin the usa occasion - February second, 2020

It's far with awesome pleasure that we file the very successful and massive event held in Colombia on February 1st and 2nd! 35 Diamonds and the Above took element in the event! The primary objective turned into building consider and making plans an splendid method. The momentum popping out of this event will amaze the sector! Charting the manner forward, are Blue Diamonds Julien Zebrini, Luis Seguraand Raul Pazos! With a galvanized crew a good way to paintings One for all and interested by One, complete of ardour, love and team spirit!
We endorse you don't miss there upcoming DealShaker Expo in Cali, Colombia on April 4th and 5th!

OneLife international, hold an eye at the rise of Latam OneLife

“Captain’s nook”

In the very early ranges of our entry to this project, all of us may also have acquired incorrect information approximately the complete idea from many leaders. I don’t recognise about your revel in but the first presentation I attended and conversations I had earlier than enrolling, there has been in no way any mention of the OneAcademy education (that is our major product).The wrong information that was shared turned into to get hold of cash (cryptocurrency) that could growth in value, then cash out for Fiat foreign money when the alternate is launched (absolutely incorrect information). Did you have that same enjoy?
Consequently, this communique, seeks to provide accurate and sound facts, information and updates. Making sure that going forward, all and sundry who's part of this challenge could completely recognize the goal and idea of the enterprise.

Allow me first say we're sorry that the wrong facts became disseminated, however we intend to correct that and to make certain that henceforth the best statistics about OneAcademy and our One environment is circulated and shared globally.

When someone purchases a OneAcademy educational package they get get admission to to the associated on-line publications. In addition they get hold of unfastened (optional) tokens which they can publish to the mining process and once mined they acquire the cryptocurrency (ONE). They could then use their ONE on our e-trade platform (Dealshaker) to buy items and services.

In the course of our five-12 months records, there have been witnesses to numerous other cryptocurrencies that hasten to release their cryptocurrency on an alternate simply to appease the public. As a result, we've got located this strategy backfiring on them. This occurred because they did not take some time to create the help of an know-how network. (Our OneAcademy presents know-how to the network)

OneCoin, from the very inception said that earlier than occurring the exchange they desired to reap 2 dreams as follows


1. To have Ten (10) Million community contributors
2. To have One (1) Million traders

We may were victimized via sure critical Banks and the united states authorities but we are not involved in unlawful sports! We're a business enterprise that stands for transparency, which the arena of Blockchain gives, at the side of our very great and specific value proposition and concept of instructing the masses about this world of Cryptocurrency, the history and evolution of money.

As you can already recognize, many of us knew not anything about cryptocurrency till OneLife and OneAcademy came into our lives. Please accept as true with the corporation in its protocols and approaches as we cross forth and construct a longevity possibility for you. Our principal goal is to be a coin this is integrated into the payment processing center of the world and be applied like every different currencies. This is our essential plan although it's far long time!

Yes, the change is a totally critical a part of our surroundings, mainly with the Remittances services (which the world is not geared up for). That is usually due to the fact the regulatory bodies aren't equipped for us as well. This requires us to preserve recognition on our design.

We are designed for regulation no longer hypothesis! Hence, we intention to satisfy all of the criteria for all regulatory bodies, based totally on their necessities.

With that being stated, please word we want a regulated crypto area, why? So that we are able to exchange inside the basket of currencies inside the international fiat marketplace. It's far then, we are able to efficiently have demand for the supply that we've got. We ought to take into account that the price of any cryptocurrency, as soon as it's far real, should be due to demand and supply (with a finite deliver)!

To all IMAs across the globe, the agency definitely appreciates you. Realize that, with out you there is no organisation. Likewise, without the company, there could be no IMAs and no OneAcademy schooling for the IMAs to also be concerned.

There may be NEWLIFE in ONELIFE and we stay up for transferring ahead with the proper leaders who're hinged on the appropriate philosophy. All and sundry in err of the formerly incorrectly shared philosophy, or consider we need an trade for success proper now, please be cautioned that isn't what cryptocurrency is ready. That is not what we're approximately! We're approximately usability which might result in liquidity. And value is the actual exchange we need as we circulate in the direction of digital bartering.

The motive for the traders intention of a million, has been that it'll allow the coin to be a usable and tradable commodity. It sincerely was no longer created for the motive of changing from crypto to fiat currency. You could ask, why is that this so? It's far because our OneAcademy schooling has shown that fiat currency is constantly at the decline from the perspective of its buying energy. But, if one has an understanding and supportive network, we will recognize the idea and now flow into a new threshold. Here we've got, not cryptocurrency, however cryptomoney. Allowing us the capability to trade goods and offerings across global boundaries.

Also, the concept of paper foreign money has fallen prey to inflationary forces (the time period economists have given), we must attempt to break out from inflationary forces. To do so, the cryptomoney that we've might also thoroughly preserve its value for a long time or based totally on its call for and usage with greater individuals wanting get entry to to it because of the novel idea that the OneCoin environment has promoted, we are able to now have a coin this is growing in value. Why is that this so? Without a doubt, to enroll in the vintage statement, “as soon as the demand exceeds deliver, the cost has no other preference however to move up”. Due to the fact we've got a finite range of coins, once the network, that's now appreciative of what we offer, has no other desire however to now need get entry to to those cash: having first understood the motive of the coins through our OneAcademy education.

One of the reasons we'd not fall prey like so many different cryptocurrencies at the alternate is, OneCoin has the DealShaker platform that is like an period in-between alternate. That's what it's miles excellent defined as. As a end result, we inside the community, experience the blessings of the usage of the coin at the DealShaker platform similar to what we may want to do if we had an change present.

As soon as we respect what we have, and the merchants understand the idea of paper cash depreciating in fee over those masses of years, they will need a cash gadget this is solid in price. Hence, allowing them consolation in taking part in OneCoin and OneLife's task, and appreciating that that is the most effective way to go.

Please bear in mind that the intention of the agency has always been to ultimately be released on the change. One may additionally ask, when you have a Deal Shaker platform this is acting correctly, why could there be a want to then have an exchange. Nicely, there are sure benefits that the trade brings to the table that the DealShaker platform can't, due to its present shape, specially the remittance issue. So, all fingers on deck with OneFamily, and determine to sign up for us in economic Revolution!!! Let us come collectively for more and make this global a higher place by assisting human beings recognize Onelife four MoreLife.

Character sellers vs. REGISTERED businesses

Pricey all,

These days, we've got noticed that a number of the franchise holders were giving out to their teams definitions of what exactly registered businesses and person dealers are. Their effort and team spirit is worthy of admiration but the trouble right here is that all definitions have to be unified and authorised by means of compliance prior to being disseminated among DealShaker customers. Otherwise, factors of these terms that adjust should result in a breach of the principle of identical treatment.

To assist clear out the confusion, right here are some primary examples which you may use to your regular work and educate your humans:

- in case you are selling off your vintage possessions which don’t want and want anymore - you are a non-public seller
- if you purchase products with the idea to resell them later - you're strolling a enterprise and also you must be registered as a enterprise, as per Amazons’ T&Cs, for example

At the contrary – as according to DealShakers’ T&Cs both those categories are defined as character dealers.

If you are a commercial enterprise proprietor with a non-public agency, the offers you upload are common in your business interest and they're run as a normal profession, then you definitely need to establish a merchant account as a registered enterprise.

Dear all,

It has come to our attention that currently traders, working on other structures have been claiming to work on behalf of DealShaker and the OneLife network. Please be informed that no different platform, except for DealShaker and its franchisees, and no other business enterprise, besides for OneLife (or OneCoin) has the right to function with the DealShaker trademark and the services it gives.

Be extraordinarily careful with any records you receive from other corporations, people or communique channels which can be one-of-a-kind from the company permitted ones. If you have any doubts or questions, you could usually contact the OneLife teams to get the trendy information, related to our projects.

Expensive all,

These days, it has come to our interest that numerous merchants have started out to conduct fraudulent practices outdoor of the Dealshaker platform which constitutes a high threat of cash loss to the folks who participate. The offers in question are about income of gold, actual estate residences, motor motors and other products of excessive fee.

A number of the above stated  offers are observed by means of a tempting proposal with the aid of the service provider – the consumer need to transfer his bills to the service provider and pay a part of the deal price out of doors of the platform in trade of a few expensive correct or service. Undergo in thoughts that this practice is precisely forbidden according to the relevant OneLife T&C 18(2).

Please have in thoughts that none of these initiatives/deals are permitted or supported with the aid of company. If someone has any records approximately such tasks/deals please do no longer hesitate to inform OneLife Compliance asap, so that we are able to take measures to forestall the ones fraudulent practices and sanction the offender therefore and with an immediate effect.
Specific rules, DEFINING UNFAIR B2C commercial PRACTICES
Factor 14 of Annex I to Directive 2005/29 / EC of the ecu Parliament and of the Council of eleven might also 2005 concerning unfair business-to-purchaser industrial practices in the internal marketplace and amending Council Directive eighty four/450 / EEC, Directives ninety seven / 7 / EC, ninety eight/27 / EC and 2002/65 / EC of the eu Parliament and of the Council and regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 of the eu Parliament and of the Council (the "Unfair industrial Practices Directive") need to be interpreted within the experience that a promotional pyramid scheme constitutes unfair business exercise handiest within the following cases:

- while it calls for the consumer to pay a positive amount, regardless how much, for that reason being granted the proper to join the scheme, regardless of whether the client is promoting/ the use of products or not.

There may be an active bonus application for IMAs, called “international reimbursement plan”, that's to be had at the website. Income (not the sole truth that a person has joined) are rewarded irrespective of whether or not they're made immediately or similarly down the sales chain. Commission can also be earned by a loose enrollee into the OLN system referred to as Rookie. After the finishing touch of every instructional degree the members receive a certificate.

- while the individuals in this type of scheme want to make a contribution financially.

Within the “global compensation plan” it is stated that the free Rookie package deal lets in individuals to generate promotional tokens and bonuses from the network's rewards plan (additionally called fast begin retail commissions) It also offers them with statistics that's free of charge and helps them understand the challenge higher.
- the closing customers to enroll in are likely to acquire less blessings for his or her participation that the ones who joined earlier in time.

IMAs who construct groups of different IMAs who then make ALS (advanced gaining knowledge of systems) sales earn bonuses. All IMAs are furnished with an same possibility to earn in the event that they make sales of ALS. The ALS teach approximately economic markets, global buying and selling and the rising world of cryptocurrency.

- whilst the recruitment is based at the promise that the client may be capable of benefit economically.

The activity of the IMAs in the community is supervised by an experienced compliance team. As in keeping with corporate policies compliance will sanction IMAs who breach IMA T&C; OLN T&C; and all relevant policies and methods in line with the internal sanction coverage. The guidelines are for all people – no exceptions. With the intention to grow to be an IMA, a new applicant is required to read and agree to the phrases of the settlement and the applicable general terms and conditions of the company. Upon notification of his/her reputation with the aid of the company, the brand new IMA can be entered into the enterprise database. As it is written in OLN T&Cs: “The patron have to neither be satisfied to purchase the products thru doubtful and/or misleading guarantees nor via guarantees of unique advantages when these are related to unsure destiny outcomes. Furthermore, “an IMA shall now not assure bills or boost expectancies otherwise.“

- when the largest part of the revenue isn't a end result of an real financial interest

The corporation carries out multilevel marketing operations with the intention of selling superior getting to know structures (ALS).

The ALS include courses on economic subjects with numerous tiers of problem.

Those are as follows:

1. Advent to finance (teacher: Mr Angel Marchev);
2. Risk and inventory market (teacher: Mr Angel Marchev);
Three. Forex and technical analysis of economic markets;
4. Risk control and econometric analysis (teacher: Mr Joannis Kantartzis);
5. Behavioral Finance and advanced evaluation (instructor: Mr Numan Ulku);
6. Behavioral Economics (trainer: Ms Eva Porras);
7. IPO technique and valuations (trainer: Ms Eva Porras).

8. The brand new product are the legal programs, supplied with the aid of OneAcademy, which offer complete facts approximately the criminal facet of the crypto foreign money world. They were written and organized for the mass public with the aid of regulation specialists with a protracted-term experience inside the area. These publications had been advanced as a guide into the arena of crypto regulations, the ICO and the combination of the cryptocur-recies into the conventional markets all around the international. The topics blanketed by way of the prison programs are:

1. Legal definition of cryptocurrency
2. Monetary evaluation - is it an asset, commodity or some thing else
3. Cryptocurrency impact at the conventional market.
Four. Varieties of crypto systems
Five. Legal implications for the regulators
6. ICO policies
7. Integration of the cryptocurrency, allowing cooperation with banks and establishments
Eight. Compliance structures and Tax regime

Each stage consists of records approximately the crypto foreign money regulation in 6 different nations - Italy, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden and Norway, categorized into sections. Moreover, every of these international locations gives a written manual, an educational video and/or a presentation on each topic.

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