Important Summary About Onecoin Exchange

Important Summary About Onecoin Exchange

Summary About Onecoin Exchange

Dear participators! As we approach the glorious days, the Onelife boat is gradually landing at a successful shore. I would like to share some things through the compilation of knowledge from various sources from Vietnam to international. This is the view as well as general analysis during the past time.

1. From the British BBC to Konstantin in the US:

As we all know, there is a group of people in the UK who accuse Onelife of fraudulent corporations and that the Onecoin coin is virtual and has no value; This group is actually related to Duncan. Immediately London police conducted an investigation.

And then the BBC in a bulletin board gave information about the incident from a less favorable, even somewhat negative perspective. However, only a few days later, under pressure from true Onelife members and perhaps there must be some great force behind Onelife that forced the BBC to actively contact and sit back to work with Onelife. earnestly. 

They want to interview as well as Onelife also provides relevant evidence. So less than a week, the BBC must broadcast a statement that it did not find any evidence of crimes related to Onelife and the British investigation agency officially ended the investigation here. Like an old chorus that stretches from 2016 to today. 

Which is Onelife - Onecoin is a pyramid that is a fraud but ultimately ended up in reports that found no evidence of a crime. That has been confirmed in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, ... after the investigation lasted nearly 8 months. 

Thus, with the legal victory in the UK, the corporation has sent strong messages with arrows hitting three targets: For Britain, it is to rescue a senior leader who has been investigated before. With the US is a detour from which Onecoin legally in the US and Konstantin is free. And finally smashing Duncan 's sabotage ploy against us.

In recent times, the US government has conducted a referendum through the website to sign the petition. With the belief and the truth about a true corporation, members from around the world shared and signed for Konstantin to be released in America. 

That will surely happen because governments from the past until today, the authorities have investigated and concluded nothing but two transparent words, along with the message in the UK and the signatures of its members. Konstantin may be released in November 2019.

2. Legal, guarantee fund:

From birth, the group was led by the talented man Dr. Ruja and the outstanding leadership team with people who are good at technology, market and law should have prepared them all. That is why we, in turn, pass the legal surveys, technological surveys, financial surveys, from 2016 until now. Perhaps the peak in Germany in August 2017, after information Ruja was arrested in Germany so that she has not seen her from there ever since. 

Perhaps she has backed away from the "wings" to make way for new people or to hide to easily manage and control everything or link, empower a certain big force. In any case, the group has gradually overcome one barrier after another from Europe to Asia and then to Australia and Africa. This can be envisioned as an intangible power against large backs because it is easy when corporations apply for licenses in many countries and expedite with major partners, central banks and governments. how speedy. 

As we know, the corporation has applied for licenses in many countries. Specifically in Europe, we have Estonia, Hungary, Sec, Georgia, some other countries are still awaiting approval. In Asia, we have Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Jordan, ... In which many countries are waiting for processing and approval. Combined with that is the central bank in the relevant countries that have approved or are awaiting approval to link with the Onecoin exchange. 

Especially, Onecoin Exchange will be audited by an independent audit agency in Europe. This proves the transparency and international standards of the corporation.
Combining with traditional Fiat money will create diversity in the process of trading Onecoin exchange with Crypto - Crypto, Crypto - Fiat and Fiat - Fiat. This is a leap forward that more than 20,000 exchanges in cryptocurrencies do not have.

When licenses are granted in countries concurrent with the signing of local central banks, the Onelife Group must have escrow funds to ensure the safety of transactions on the One exchange. That fund comes from the Group's resources, from major financial institutions and even the government backing the Onecoin.

3. When does the exchange start?

This is the legitimate wish of almost all members. Because they have been with the corporation from the time of birth until today. Experiencing how many waves, how deadlock on the journey to conquer the peak. Although there are doubts and negatives, more than anyone else, they want the group to succeed. 

We realized that there are 2 positive solutions: “One is going to the floor and then conducting a technical connection and finishing the stages. The other is to complete and then go to the trading floor ”. After thoroughly analyzing all the issues, we see that the second option is the most standard, perfect from Dealshaker, Support team, KYC, ... and then up. Perhaps this answer did not satisfy all the members, but more than anyone else, the group itself wanted to be successful. 

However, let's take a look together at every aspect of the problem. If we choose option one, is it okay? What people need is not just on the floor but to win. While our floor still has many unresolved issues. So if the bugs go up and down with incomplete technical parts, we won't hinder our success. Or at that time it pointed to the dead floor with gloomy trading volume. 

Is this what everyone is waiting for? YES of course.

We have trusted and empowered Duncan to develop technology, market, and Merchant connectivity on the Newdealshaker platform. And thought that Duncan would for Onelife - Onecoin build a powerful and technological Newdealshaker.

But no doubt, he devised a profit to build and entice our customers and Merchant. Fortunately, the corporation has not opened a portal for Newdealshaker to connect to the Onecoin Blockchain, which is considered the group's secret weapon. Fortunately, we detected and dismissed Mr. Duncan and his team on time. 

That took the group's time to more than 6 months. When things are still in progress, we are forced to return to the original version of Dealshaker. Knowing that there are many bugs and shortcomings are waiting but they will be safer for us.

Onecoin exchange is a professional and high-class exchange. So a lot of ports to go from Crypto to Fiat and out to local banks. One is the connection between Dealshaker and Onecoin Exchange. That caused the corporation to improve Dealshaker or in other words, replace the entire Dealshaker so that it upgraded to a modern technology 4.0 version, along with fixing and perfecting all technical factors in it. 

Not to mention thorough, perfect in all technical stages from Blockchain wallet, KYC, OneForex connection, withdraw money to Fiat, ... So will this take a long time? Don't worry about this. No later than 4 months we will publish all the detailed plans, and officially announce the exchange started.

Surely we do not forget the 8/01/2020 milestone, this time will end the conversion process from OFC to Onecoin for investors participating in the ICO of the corporation lasting from October 8, 2018, until January 7, 2019. 

It is at this point that, in our opinion, the corporation must provide a roadmap for the exchange because it is a law that regulates the terms for ICO registration companies. So with this time enough for us to complete everything, then officially announced and started trading.

The Group will limit the monthly exchange amount to its members and according to the weekly report, the figure is $ 10,000. From time to time, that number may change according to market supply and demand. The Group controls more than 50% of Onecoin's reserves in a total of 120 billion Onecoin to stabilize prices and control prices. 

You cannot let the price rise or fall erratically like Bitcoin or other altcoins out there because the criteria and purpose of Onecoin are different from the rest. In the beginning, it won't be big until big businesses, big banks, big financial institutions or governments come in because of the superiority of the Onecoin. 

At that time, the demand will increase sharply, then the supply will be relaxed and pushed to the level depending on the market. However, all must be under control for Onelife to reach a price with a range of fluctuations within the allowed limits.

So, in what order of priority to sell when Onecoin officially trades? We will prioritize in the following order: First, investors participate in the ICO. Someone asked? Why is that so strange? We joined the group in the first days? But we should understand this well: we participate as buyers of coursepacks, but we have not purchased coins. Meanwhile, they invest to buy capital raising packages from the group's ICO. 

Nature is different. Priority must, therefore, be given to them to be able to transact and return at least the amount of capital they invest. This means that the price of Onecoin at the time of listing is calculated so that ICO investors do not suffer a loss. And that is the starting price for the upward note later. Next came the real Merchants (true Merchants) associated with the corporation. 

Finally, members from the Onelife Network.

The last thing we want to share is the weekly reports, in PDF files from week 1 to week 15, are perfectly accurate. Because the corporation is on the right track and is licensed in many European countries, all information provided must be accurate. If not, we will be sued one more time and this is definitely something we don't want.

That's all we want to share with all of you - the Onelife members. Whether we like it or not, we have been traveling for more than 5 years and going through so many dangerous journeys. Above all, put your hope of hope in a bright tomorrow. Please be patient and wait! Remember the first months of 2020! That day we will all glow in the sky and usher in a new era of cryptocurrencies.

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