Work at Home Jobs That Pay You $100 per Day or More

Hey, what’s up, guys! It’s an Internet business opportunities blog, a place where I help you to make money online. Today in this article I’m going to talk about 7 jobs that you can do at home and that pays $100 or more per day. I'm really excited to be sharing this list with you guys because I know that you always love it when I share ideas for how you can make money at home.

If the first couple of jobs don't appeal to you just keep on reading because I'm sure that you will find one that will be a great fit for you. Now let’s jump into the list of jobs.

1. Virtual Bookkeeper

The first job on my list is the bookkeeper. A bookkeeper is just someone who helps a business or an individual keep their finances organized basically. There are many different ways that you can learn how to become a bookkeeper. You can actually get a two or four-year degree that will teach you everything you need to know or there are lots of shorter-term training programs that teach you how to be a bookkeeper in as little as three or six months. And there's also the option to actually just learn on the job.

Bookkeepers typically earn about 20 dollars per hour and it's something that you can do from home either for local clients or remote clients. There are different types of financial professions such as an accountant or a financial adviser. And many of them do require some type of certification or other prerequisite but there actually aren’t any such restrictions on being a bookkeeper.

For more information on Virtual bookkeeping

2. YouTuber

Job number two is to become a YouTuber. If you are passionate or have some knowledge about something and really want to share with the world through videos then you can create your own YouTube channel and publish your videos on regular basis. This will take some time and dedication to success your channel. But this can give you some good earnings. There are many youtubers earning $3000 or more a month, that is $100 or more a day. You can read two of my previous post for more information on how to start and success with YouTube channel:

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3. Transcriber

Third job on my list is a transcriber. Transcriber is someone who listens to audio, this could be audio from a speaker at a conference or simply someone reciting something that they want to be transcribed. There're definitely a lot of different applications of this and there's also a whole lot of Web sites that help to facilitate people who work as transcribers finding work transcribers with people who want to hire a transcriber. Typically a transcriber earns an average of about 30 dollars per hour. It depends on which web site you go with. Some pay as little as 9 dollars per hour and some pay as much as about 50 dollars per hour.

Some websites for Transcription are:

4. Chat Customer Service

Job number four is chat customer service. A lot of people don't like answering the phone and even though they're aware that there are a lot of jobs they could do from home answering the phone for different companies they don't really want to go that route. But a great alternative is to be a chat customer service representative. The main difference is you don't actually have to talk to the people on the phone instead you're just chatting with them over the Internet. And you probably use this service many times. If you've tried to contact a company such as most any clothing or technology company on the Internet these days many companies hire people to work from home and provide these services to their customers and they typically pay around 15 dollars per hour.

Learn more about chat customer service and job opportunities here:

5. Home Stylist

The fifth job is something very specific and may appeal to a lot of people. It's to be a home stylist for Stitch Fix or for some similar service. What these services do is they offer custom selected pieces of clothing to customers and the home stylists take a look at the customer's profile and decide what pieces the person might be interested in buying and wearing and then Stitch Fix actually sends them out to the customer. Now the reason I mentioned a Stitch Fix in particular is because they've actually publicly shared information about the fact that they hire people like this and the fact that they pay them about 15 dollars an hour to do this work from home.

You can find out more information about Stitch Fix here:

6. Online Course Creator

Job number six on my list is to be an online course creator. This one probably has the most wildly varying income. As an online course creator there is so much opportunity for growth and you can make an enormous amount of money if you're really good at it. But if you aren't good at it then you might make no money. However that being said if you use a proven strategy for building your brand and getting yourself out there and you make decently good courses then you can easily expect to earn about five to ten thousand dollars per month.

Learn more about Online Course Creator here:

7. Virtual Assistant

And the seventh and final job on my list is that a virtual assistant. What a virtual assistant does is they help someone to do basic tasks such as answering email or proofreading or maybe working on managing a small project. And they do so remotely. Of course there're lots of executives and other types of professionals that have assistants who work in their office. But these days with a lot of people working from home there is a big job opportunity for people to do virtual assisting.

Based on the skill and experience a virtual assistant can earn $10 to $30 per hour. And of course there's always the other option of building up your own network and finding clients.

For more information on Virtual Assistant visit the links given below:

So that’s the end of the list of seven jobs that you can do working from home. Hope this is informative and helpful to you. Please comment your thoughts. Have a good luck. Thank you.

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