OneCoin Exchange & Current Status In Crypto-Market

OneCoin Exchange & Current Status In Crypto-Market

Right now, OneCoin-Exchange is facing a crisis. It's going to have to be said that a lot of you are going to have a final showdown with the United States, as you've already expected. The size of the one coin network is so big that the U.S. takes out the sword it had been waiting for, wields it relentlessly, and plays the media and acts of brutality to sink the one coin, no matter what.

United States financial institutions

With the elimination of the Gold Standard system, which backs up the value of gold based on Nixon Shock in 1971, the emergence of new global payment methods will greatly affect the survival of the U.S. economy and financial institutions.

In addition, since Bitcoin is a sporadic scattering of users without entities, the U.S. financial forces are forced to neutralize bitcoin with the capital in the trade market, but onecoin is an organization with clear core points, which makes it easier for the U.S. to target it.
If they target a few leaders who can be called the core of the core, they can have an impact on the entire organization.

The United States has lured former Captain Constantine to the United States for that purpose and is holding him in custody for nearly a year. We even know that the U.S. side makes statements as it pleases.

  If what one GLG said yesterday is true, then what we saw in the spy movie has become a reality for Onecoin. The U.S. is very vicious and cunning and intelligently turning one coin into a scam.

 Germany, Britain, Sweden, and all other countries have cleared Onecoin, but the U.S. is using the power of the powerful to condemn Onecoin as a criminal group.

I think it's natural to do so. And all of that is behind the scenes of the dollar-dominant forces, and they have a history of eradicating even their own presidents as a threat to dollar control,

so much more what would they do to leaders of other countries?

 People say that if the U.S. FBI wants to do it, even a fall on the road can make you guilty. The U.S. uses K to distort the truth about onecoin and to create false news using contents. Then, it is judged that the U.S. sabotages such as applying negative pressure on the business partners of OneCoin.

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But what the U.S. and the anti-onecoin 

forces have overlooked is that our one users are not locust users, they are genuine users. The hostile forces have overlooked the fact that it is not a feather-like group of people who change seats by jumping from place to place in accordance with environmental conditions or short-term interests,

but a strong warrior who is united as cement to conquer the castle until the end, and that it is a strong military organization that eventually conquers the castle. And it's definitely not the kind of clique that's going to be scattered by a few word bombs from the ex- company's members.
There are many strategies to achieve your goals.

<If you get stuck on one road, you won't fall down. We can find another way. And if there's no way, we can make it and go. What is a 3.7 million genuine organization that can't do?>

As the loss of water reveals the reality of the land, leadership and organization seem to be refined and warmed up through these many periods of hardship.

We've also made a fresh start to our core leadership. I think it's fortunate that it's not a parachute appointment but a proven leadership from the very bottom.

Korea's leader group is also organized stronger and smarter

Moreover, the collaboration accounts have been distributed and entered into each account.
So we're all onecoin owners.

In the last five years, OneCoin has won all 180 lawsuits. In the most powerful German prosecutor's investigation, onecoin was resurrected in the land of death.
Because the onecoin was true.

When it comes to onecoin,

《The question is not whether onecoin is scam or not

It’s a question of whether the One Coin project will succeed or fail.》

We've won every battle, and now we're in the middle of a final showdown with the United States.
I'd like to suggest at least four important strategies for the survival of OneCoin and the success of the Project.

OneCoin Never Dies

《I'd like to suggest at least four important strategies for the survival of One Coin and the success of Project》.1. As one GLG said yesterday, if the word "One Coin" and "One Life" are engraved with scarlet letters, let's change it quickly. Once degraded, the image is very difficult to recover. You don't have to stick to the name "One Coin" and you need to re-imagine your image quickly. Their names have more negatives than positives. As many people change their names for a new life these days...But you don't have to start a new company like Duncan or Habib. All you have to do is change your clothes preserving people, system, organizations
2. We need to make E-wallet as soon as possible, store each coin in the wallet, and make P2P transactions possible.

Now, the one coin exists only as a record in the back office. In this situation, if a domain is locked and a server is blocked by the U.S. and European governments, our asset onecoin will be lost forever.

At the same time, our dreams come to nothing. But if we own the electronic wallet and store the one coin in it,

 <When the world changes, we will be the last winners and onecoin will be the digital gold that surpasses bitcoin. >

According to a blockchain expert, onecoin can be stored in the electronic wallet format with current technology. If necessary, you can develop a more upgraded mainnet and save the new coin and onecoin in
3. Let's just celebrate Dr. Ruja and not find her anymore.
Bitcoin has no problem with Satoshi Nakamoto's disappearance, but it seems to have more of a positive effect with mysticism.

People tend to be honored higher only when they die or disappear than when they are alive. We also honor and honor Dr. Ruja's philosophy of founding the One Coins, but let's not expect her to appear, from a sober, realistic perspective, she's a wanted man of the United States government. Because of her, the brother had a problem and also because of him, OneCoin was in big trouble where one coin almost ended.

Rather, we need to be the ones who don't connect with Dr. Ruja at all. .One who has nothing to do with the original sin of Dr. Ruja and her associates should be the leader of onelife. So now we're only celebrating Dr. Ruja's financial philosophy.

Let's not find her anymore. Let's get out of her shadows.

4. Let's set up a strategy that will stimulate the U.S. government and financial interests less.

The reality is that Facebook is still being punched and stuck by the U.S. government as it is known to be trying to launch the Libra.

I think it was premature to try to get a stake in a stable coin from the European Central Bank or the central bank without to be enough equipped and It brought disaster on itself. think it was too early to try to stand up as a serious opponent in the key currency markets.

 The more radical you try, the stronger the resistance of the establishment. Recently, I think that the mention of etherium founder Vitalicbuterin is wise. He said, "The Fiat currency does not die. Cryptocurrency notes serve only as a complement to fiat currency. His modesty is needed in our team.

☆ if necessary, sharing onelife's stock stake with an American company can be away!

I think we need to start by partnering with private companies, not just the central bank.
It's going to have to be done gradually.
There are many strategies, but the above four are considered fundamental.

This is the final battle for success. Now, frankly, it seems that the U.S. side is more powerful, but remember! In the past, Vietnam, the underdog, eventually won the war. If the standard method lacks strength, side attacks or guerrilla warfare can be carried out Strangely, the current leader of One Life is from Vietnam. Simon Le feels like a persistent life force and strategic genius.

We have no doubt that the 3.7 million genuine organizations will never collapse and will eventually lead to a good financial revolution that will light up the world.

Let's not be too harsh on those who have left.they've done their best to contribute, and there's something they can't say. Or, in their own way, it's for onecoin users. Of course, I don't think it's a good idea!

Lastly, listen to the news of the headquarters all the time. Let's continue as one, and we will no longer have a vertical and passive position that we only receive from the headquarters, but a dynamic attitude that affects the headquarters and delivers collective intelligence. 《The power of a united global network, as in any book, will never be overcome by Any Countries' superpower!!!
OneCoin never dies!!!》

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