OneCoin: OneCoin is Going to be Exchange is OneCoin A World Largest Currency

Centralization isn’t a 'DIRTY' word in the crypto world

OneCoin is Going to be Exchange is OneCoin A World Largest Currency

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With the cutting edge articulation the endeavor goals to answer all questions and to clarify each article that might not have been justifiable enough till the to be had second
where is the reserve cryptocurrency?
Why there is not mass adoption of cryptocurrency until now?
After more than 10 years, cryptocurrency adaptors around the world are estimated to about 30 millions. Therefore, the most logical point would be that mass adoption needs another type of cryptocurrency, no doubt.

 I think there is no solution for mass other than regulated cryptocurrency (i.e., centralized), which deals smoothly with government and banks. And the time for this kind of cryptocurrency is NOW.

Therefore, you have to look for such kind of crypto because for sure the future will be for such kind of crypto.

Now we are really close to mass adoption and any crypto can make it, we should jump in it as soon as possible. Personally, I studied all important available crypto on coinmarketcap,

I think it is not there yet. Also, I do not believe Lebra could be that because it is backed by fiat currency and do not have a cap.

Bottom line, cryptocurrency for mass adoption should have following properties:

1- easy to use, so mass can easily fit in, people do not need and cannot understand Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain technology, as they use smart phone and do know 3G or 4G technology,

2- could be used in daily life (e.g., shopping) rather than only speculation, because most people afraid of trading and volatility,

3- regulated, some kind of cooperation with regulators, so, ordinary people can trust it,
4. have a community, people that understand it and use it.

All existing cryptocurrency paving a layer of mass adoption crypto and Onecoin (ONE) will take a leap for achieving that because the only ONE has all properties and characteristics of cryptocurrency for everyone.

Onecoin has the potential to be mass cryptocurrency.

You can watch these two episodes of videos and you will understand much better which cryptocurrency could be a reserve cryptocurrency.

What these professional haters and abusers are doing is called extortion, 

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