How to earn money with onecoin

How to Earn Money with OneCoin

💥 DEALSHAKER WORKSHOP 💥Regensburg lets go again!! 👌
Become Deal Shaker-fit ❗👊
• Closed Event‼
• Only entry with already acquired ticket ❗
Deal Shaker Workshop for entrepreneurs and private individuals.
I'll teach you here in practice,
- how the deal shaker works
- how to correct a commerce profile, address book, and a deal correctly.
- what to do after buying a deal for the buyer and seller.
After the workshop, everyone is able to set deals themselves and correctly.
At the end of the evening, we will submit your deal to the appropriate place (roof franchise).
Each participant will receive a "to-do" list by mail before the workshop,
What everything needs to be brought for a successful evening, except motivation & good mood.
Thursday, the 17.10.2019th
Entry: 18.00 pm
Start: 18.30 pm
End: 22:00 pm
Hotel on lake
Street 6
93073 Neutron
(incl. Non-alcoholic cold drinks, room costs and booking fees)
I'm looking forward to your coming!!
Sebastian Burger

Organizer & speaker

Is Dealshaker a means of exchange externoque gives real economic value and not speculation to cryptocurrency one?
The Trader is external (offer)The client is from the onelife community(demand is created).

The answer is yes, it is the best real exchange because the economic movement is made to exchange our asset for a product or service, it gives rise to the dynamism of consumption, the inventory of inventory, production goods, real estate, etc.

Dealshaker Dealshaker is the first interactive trade center within the ecosystem ecosystem. Serve as an advertising platform for merchants offering products and services around the world.

Dealshaker establishes promotions of agreements between companies, consumer to consumer and company to consumer in price combinations of one and cash. The ease to become a trader (no charge) can also help people in developing countries who were previously forced to sell their products to the reseller.

Dealshaker has been growing and gaining strength to become the main channel and market for the currency to work.

What these professional haters and abusers are doing is called extortion, threats and defamation, which I would assume is illegal in most countries in the world, at least the country I live in.
Then we can ask how many OLN members have been threatened or been pressured to join our network? I would believe NONE!

Another thing they do is make false accusations to police and government, which is also illegal in most countries! If you read what they write, and not just the headline, then you see that there is frequent use of words like; presumably, possibly, allegations, accusations, etc.

Also, very frequent references to "safe sources" are used, which are never documented by name or any other type of evidence.
Everyone uses fake names and profiles. Are these the people you want to trust ?? Which NEVER provides any form of evidence, but only links to other sources, which in turn links to other sources etc….
These professional haters have blogs that they get paid for every time someone land on their posts. The posts only contain scandalous claims,

 with a lot of links to other blog posts, which the same people get even more money for when you click on the links.
If you click on one of the links you will only get to several more claims and links where the evidence should be available, but which it is not.

And so it goes. So why did they choose us, OLN, to “hate”? It is really quite logical, we have a very large mass of members, all of whom are a potential "source of revenue" for their business, namely "paid per click blog".

 So let's say they make one post that gets 100,000 OLN members to click on it. And let's say, for example, that they get paid $ 0.05 per click, then they made $ 5000.

If these 100,000 clicks on 1 link in the blog then they have made $ 5,000 more etc …… Then you quickly realize that being a professional hater is a quite profitable business.

When we go in and click on the dirt they produce, we pay the wages of these people.
In addition, we build up the number of hits they get on their posts, which gives them more attention, maybe even from the media.
So let's stop paying the wages of these people, who run this extremely unethical and profitable scam !!!

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