Onecoin Exchange: Exchange platform weekly summary, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Exchange platform weekly summary

Trade stage week after week rundown Week  IT improvement Ongoing work for the utilization of Exchange points of a confinement dependent on the liquidity (no restrictions relevant from wallet to the wallet as it is an inner exchange). The Exchange organization can't trade for in excess of 10,000 dollars for each activity per customer every month. 

The Exchange organization needs as far as possible which were at that point worked with the new prerequisites. The Exchange will have two kinds of cutoff points confines by consistence and breaking points for exchange. Be that as it may, in all cases, as far as possible are secured by points of confinement by the consistence. 

This implies the cutoff points, characterized by the liquidity account, are just for ONES and they apply as long as the Exchange is managing at a likeness the limit of USD 10 000 or underneath. For all other fiat and cryptographic forms of money, the utmost is USD 10 000 for each activity for each customer every month or comparable. *Compliance Platform (not obligatory toward the start): Platform expected to be fully operational by mid-September. 

It is as of now in a condition of improvement, has gotten the endorsement from the security controls and procedures, API connects to Worldcheck and GOAML are given. It will be Audited by the European Authority, so the Exchange organization downloaded the necessities and the Risk Scoring to coordinate them on the stage so as to be consistent with the prerequisites. Alterations finished, pending endorsement. FYI: Training video for readiness on Exchange functionalities will before long be accessible. OneLife free

Steps of onecoin Exchange

First Phase: 1. National Identity - the country that is down in black and punishment in the country of all / cft. Etc. 2. Matches (World Control) - positive-negative can do to get positive, not true. Verified (valid) 4. Impact (Prep) - Direct Connect (as family degree, close friends), etc. 5. General verification and social media to make the hand start to apply for points. Onelife Company Independent Asian marketing.

Second stage: Ongoing risk assessment is based on 2 parameters Flow of funds and transaction control (scoring and deviation apply) The operations and cash flows have been discussed, including disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Some financial concerns related to volumes and liquidity lines were also discussed. 

The stress test has been run. It is a simulation of operations to see if liquidity will supply the block demand in case of massive demand for Fiat. It is negotiated that the leverage technique will be used. BCP- Approved, Business Continuity Plan (a "back-up plan" about how the exchange would operate in case the platform crashes down.) DRP- Approved, Disaster Recovery Plan (how to proceed in case the servers are completely down.) Operations-Approved OneLife independent Marketing Associate

Onecoin Licenses

Regarding the Licenses: the licenses were approved and they will be released, however, specific requirements apply to allow the start of the operation: The Exchange company needs to employ a Compliance Officer, an Internal Control Officer and an External Auditor. The Exchange company employs 3 persons in positions mentioned above since 01.09.2019 There is an agreement for a leverage policy but the current capital is not accepted as they want to see a higher capital and it is negotiated that the Exchange company will leverage one time after. The second requirement is related to the limits. 

Exchange Requirements

The monthly turnover allowance per client per month is $10,000. The Exchange company has to combine already built limits with the new requirements. A specific format for all cryptocurrencies has been required. The form/order of these currencies has been submitted. We remind you crypto without approval will be fined. 3 fines lead to cancellation of license. Expected start working day after all above mentioned additional requirements are met. OneLife

Coinsafe of Onecoin

Coinsafe! OneLife independent Marking Asocie In relation to the 9-month corporate strategy we have recently informed you that the OneLife Team has prepared a useful easy manual on CoinSafe functionalities. It is important that all ONE users are well informed about what is yet to come Please bear in mind that 2 months after the Exchange becomes operational, the CoinSafe function will not be available for new users any longer. 

Coinsafe was the option which the Company provided to its customers several years, but it is time to stop in order not to spoil the coin deficit strategy Please have in mind that you will have two more months after the Exchange starts to use that option

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