What Is Digital Currency? Onecoin Vs Bitcoin

Comparison of ONE and Bitcoin

#1 ONE #2 Bitcoin
5 Years Old (2014) 11 Years Old (2008)
$34 Coin Price $10,000 Coin Price
$2.3 Trillion Market Cap $179 Billion Market Cap
3.6 M Users 300 K Users (Estimate)
105 K Merchants 80 K Merchants (Estimate)
120 Billion Coins Total Fixed 21 Million Coins Total Fixed
75 B Coins Mined in 5 Yrs 18 M Coins Mined in 11 Yrs
Closed Source Centralized Open Source Decentralized
Free Simple 2 Step Mining $Millions Equipment Required for Mining
Audited Monthly Cannot be Audited
Global Market: 196 Countries on 6 Continents Mostly Western Market
Stable Coin Price Extremely Volatile Coin Price
Referral Affiliate Marketing No Referral Affiliate Marketing
Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliant Anonymous
0 Lost or Stolen 25% Lost or Stolen
Transactions Every 60 Seconds Transactions Every 10 Minutes

   Mkt Cap: Market Capitalization = Coin Price X Coin Supply
    Price: Current Price in USD
    Supply: Number of Coin Mined
    Merchants: Total Merchants

Users: Total Users

    Split Bar: Split Barometer %
    Mine Bar: Mining Barometer %
    Mine Diff: Mining Difficulty Ratio (300:1 = 300 Tokens Req'd to Create 1 Coin)

   K = Thousand 1 K = 1,000
   M = Million 1 M = 1,000,000
   B = Billion 1 B = 1,000,000,000
   T = Trillion 1 T = 1,000,000,000,000

Enabling Financial Freedom 

"The electric light did not originate from the nonstop improvement of candles." – Oren Harari 

"No one but government can take splendidly great paper, spread it with superbly great ink, and make the blend useless." – Milton Friedman 

"Cash is probably the best instrument of opportunity at any point developed by man." – Friedrich Hayek 

"It is alright that individuals of the country don't comprehend our banking and money related framework, for on the off chance that they did, I accept there would be an unrest before tomorrow first thing." –  

Since the money related emergency in 2008, we have confidence in testing the present state of affairs, which is the reason we cherish Digital Currency. We made Empower Global Group to instruct individuals about Digital Currency and offer our longing of dealing with our lives ... more development ... more sway ... increasingly independence ... more opportunity. Our vision of enabling money related opportunity incorporates (1) utilizing the seventh Disruption, (2) banking the unbanked, and (3) telling you the best way to accomplish budgetary opportunity with the New Global Leader in Digital Currency, and benefit from the Largest Wealth Transfer the world has ever known. 

Utilizing the seventh Disruption 

Interruption Examples other than Digital Currency 

"It is my forecast that the seventh Disruption will topple the greatest business on the planet - banking and fund - and it started in 2008! This seventh disturbance is greater, badder and more problematic than the majority of the past six interruptions joined!" – Thomas McMurrain, creator of THE 7TH DISRUPTION 

In the course of recent years, we have seen 6 disturbances, and every ha made 1,000's of multi-billion dollar enterprises. 

Television  Web  Email  Portable  Web  based  business  Web based life 

The seventh Disruption comprises of Digital Currency, otherwise known as Cryptocurrency, utilizing Blockchain Technology, and is the eventual fate of cash and installments. Training of Digital Currency will prompt mass selection, as has occurred in Kenya with M-Pesa read more connection, and practically medium-term, a huge number of individuals around the globe will never again need banks or the world save money known as the US Dollar, or some other inflationary fiat cash. The seventh Disruption is a piece of the Largest Wealth Transfer In Human History: from banks and money related administrations to the individuals. 

"[disruptive] Paradigm movements include disengagement, strife, perplexity, vulnerability. New standards are almost constantly gotten with coolness, even joke or antagonistic vibe. Those with personal stakes battle the change. The move requests such an alternate perspective on things that set up pioneers are frequently last to be prevailed upon, if by any stretch of the imagination." – Don Tapscott, writer of BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION: HOW THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND BITCOIN IS CHANGING MONEY, BUSINESS, AND THE WORLD read more connection 

"...it would be in the monetary enthusiasm of banks and huge organizations to take an interest in such a Digital Currency, on the off chance that one just expect that banks and others are the same than the taxi or inn industry and that they will be disturbed within the near future." – Andreas Freund, PhD, "Why Money Is Broken and What Can We Do About It" read more connection 

Advanced Currency for the Unbanked 

The early adopters of Digital Currency are the 2.5 billion individuals (1/3 of the worldwide populace of 7.4 billion) who don't have a financial balance, a populace alluded to as the unbanked. Most live in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. They don't have a ledger in view of neediness, yet in addition because of costs, travel separation and formality. In any case, even in the rich US, an expected 9 million family units are unbanked, and around 5 million twenty to thirty year olds are living without a financial records. 

For what reason would we say we are keen on banking the unbanked? Since settlements are the greatest progression of capital from the created world to the creating scene, greater than direct outside venture, and greater than remote guide ... $600 billion every year. 

How might we help the unbanked with Digital Currency? Model: The settlement sender gets charged 11% by Western Union or other budgetary administrations middle person, and the cash takes 4-7 days to get to the beneficiary. India gets about $250 billion in settlements consistently. In view of a normal month to month pay in India of $295 every month, this implies the present cash framework denies India of almost 56.5 million yearly salaries. Almost multiple times the size of the capital Delhi! Notwithstanding, with Digital Currency, the sender is charged under 2% and the exchange takes a couple of moments. Inside the system, part exchanges are free and moment. 

"These settlements charges make the installment banking capacity the most productive capacity of all banking. Truth be told, McKinsey in a recent report evaluated that worldwide installment income for banks will reach roughly $2.3 trillion out of 2018 or 43% of all financial incomes! .... The financial boost or multiplier impact of $1 in extra spending in a created nation is about $2 - $3, and in a creating nation about $5 - $10. This implies $2 trillion less for banks would animate between $4 trillion to $20 trillion worth of extra worldwide GDP development. " – Andreas Freund, PhD, "Why Money Is Broken and What Can We Do About It" read more connection 

Banking the unbanked is a piece of the Largest Wealth Transfer In Human History: from banks and budgetary administrations to the individuals. We are connecting the unbanked to the money related system by giving (1) rearranged and demystified Digital Currency instruction, and (2) quicker worldwide minimal effort monetary exchanges. 

What is Digital Currency? 

Cash, as a language of significant worth and mechanism of trade, has developed for many years, from bargaining milk for chickens, to trading products and items, to gold and silver and different valuable metals, to coins, to paper money, to computerized plastic credit and platinum cards, to PayPal, to M-Pesa read more connection, to Google Wallet, to Apple Pay, to Digital Currency. Cash as we probably am aware it is being supplanted by Digital Currency. When was the last time you saw a silver dollar? 

Advancement of Money into Digital Currency 

Advanced Currency, otherwise known as Cryptocurrency, is an Internet-based vehicle of trade with a limited supply, and is particular from physical or fiat money, (for example, banknotes and coins) that shows properties like physical monetary standards, however considers momentary exchanges and worldwide exchange of assets, working autonomously of a national bank or government. 

In its most straightforward structure, Digital Currency is only the following development of cash. It is a sort of cash, much the same as the Dollar or the Euro, that can be utilized to purchase stock, traded for different monetary standards and obtained as an acknowledging resource. 

What Is Digital Currency? 

A few eminent US and worldwide colleges are presently offering courses and degrees in Digital Currency costing up to $18,000, including: Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, New York University, Duke University, University of Michigan, Singularity University, University of Cumbria in Scotland, Canada's McGill University, University of Nicosia in Cyprus. 

Prizes of Owning Digital Currency 

** Profit from the Largest Wealth Transfer the World Has Ever Known 

Verifiably, trades of significant worth – bargain frameworks – were done up close and personal with the goal that members could right away confirm the separate physical properties being traded. As buyers and merchants turned out to be geologically far off, specialists or believed outsiders following up in the interest of the members ended up important to confirm the amount or nature of the property being moved. For instance, Mastercard backers are instances of an outsider remaining in for a purchaser, ensuring to the dealer that the purchaser's assets are great. 

The development of the Internet and the expansion of advanced exchanges have presented numerous impediments to conventional monetary standards and trade frameworks in the borderless, electronic world. Current impediments incorporate high costs, time deferrals, and security dangers. These confinements are especially shocking when the exchanges include parties on each side of the globe, distinctive national monetary standards and complex items. 

The possibility of a worldwide money – free of a nation or national bank and intended for a globalized economy – has interested market analysts, business officials, PC specialists, and against government advocates for quite a long time. The perfect cash would give insurance from swelling, and security from robbery and extortion. These goals prompted the idea of an advanced money, empowering the idea of money or money proportional to be utilized over the Internet. 

The interest for cash is over $150 TRILLION. That is how a lot of cash is out there. Yet, fiat cash, the way things are, has numerous issues. On the off chance that a cash or thought (Digital Currency) tagged along that tackled these issues, at that point the interest for that new thought (Digital Currency) would be well over $150 trillion. With a more prominent than $150 trillion interest for cash, and with the known hazardous limitatio

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