The Truth About Onecoin Exchange Is About To Be Revealed

OneCoin Exchange Big Achievement for oneLife Members 

Update meeting with EU experts 

* Approved consistency and hostile to tax evasion/fear monger financing systems signature 

* BCP (business recuperation plan)- endorsed 

* DRP (calamity recuperation plan)- endorsed 

Hazard Management-Approved 

* Stress Test-Complete 


BCP = "Reinforcement Plan" What will you do if the trade stage crashes? 

DRP = What will you do when the server is totally down? 

Meeting update with EU experts 

About License-Approved and began working 

Some particular prerequisites 

* Exchange organizations must delegate consistence officials, inner administration officials, and outside reviewers. 

The trade organization is prepared for the majority of the previously mentioned employing from September 1, 2019. 

- They consent to have a strategy of influence (utilizing other funding to raise capital), yet current capital isn't acknowledged on the grounds that it needs higher capital, and the trade organization's influence afresh is arranged. 

* The subsequent prerequisite is a piece of the farthest point, and the trade organization must consolidate the breaking points effectively settled with the new necessities. 

On account of digital forms of money, they will send a structure to present this week and will be endorsed for every cryptographic money to be exchanged. 

Exchanges without approval will bring about fines and three fines will prompt the wiping out of a permit. 

After the extra prerequisites have been met, the workday starts. 


There were gatherings a week ago and this week with specialists, for example, trade organizations and CBS, and for some new necessities, the working day starts not long after the extra prerequisites have been met. 

The trade organization ought to choose consistency officials, interior administration officials and outside inspectors, who are prepared to do as such on 9/1. 

There additionally is by all accounts an interest for higher capital stocks than at present. 

The trade organization must consolidate the cutoff points effectively settled with the new necessities, and are joining and supporting when a structure indicating every cryptographic money to be exchanged arrives. 

Altogether not to be punished or dropped, the exchange must be started after the endorsement of the exchange of cryptographic forms of money

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