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Dear supporter, 

You may have found out about the new Broad Information Security Guideline ("GDPR"), that happened May 25, 2018. To help adjust to GDPR consent necessities, we need to avow that you should get content from us. We believe that our substance is useful to you. In the occasion that you'd like to keep got notice from us, if it's not all that much inconvenience update your participation settings which you can find at the SETTINGS Catch underneath.

If its all the same to you ignore this message if you have adequately set apart for our consistently flyer!

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!!! Authority WARNING !!! 

This message is a notice against, affirmed 'BYCOI' and their out of line, wild and harming trading chips away at hoping to attract OLN IMA-s! is the Main business focus point and stage related to

ONE cryptographic cash and OneLife! 

Some different stages, for instance, and similarly as some other cryptographic types of cash, for instance, BYCOI are not OLN associates and OLN does not propose some other computerized types of cash or near exercises, as such viewing them as forceful and applying hostile circumstance rules.

The Main specialist region of the DealShaker stage is!

Expert messages of OneLife and DealShaker used for corporate correspondence are and

All the correspondence from OneLife and DealShaker is sent from Monday to Friday:

1. Monday – Bulletin from

2. Monday to Friday – internal correspondence with all the DealShaker franchisees and GLG

3. Friday – current updates

Any correspondence sent by methods for some different messages to assist OneLife and DealShaker is Deceiving!

Any individuals related with and BYCOI are not supported by the Organization and OLN IMA-s and any individuals who intend to take an interest with them will be embraced with a fast sway.

The latest corporate Advancements, NEWS AND MATERIALS are released every Monday at 18:00 EET (Sofia time)!

The present week's news are:

Exchange Prep 3 Stages 

Mass Promotion 3 + 1 OneAcademy

New Initiative Position Computation

The 5 new Establishment holders

Official criteria for transforming into an Establishment holder

Holler out Kazakhstan

Particular Vender and Enlisted Business in DealShaker

The basic course - OneAcademy/OneForex and Legitimate Courses Client Manuals

Corporate Introductions and latest materials

Keep examining to find the latest advancements and what has been going on over the latest 7 days in the Main strong wellspring of information !


The OneLife System (OLN) is a creating overall framework that was coming about because of the OneCoin computerized cash brand. The System has an electronic stage with a momentous game plan of present day things and individual to individual correspondence devices that help people achieve cash related self-rule. People acknowledge access to an assortment of e-learning programs that help them apply budgetary speculation to practice.

Need to find logically about the OneLife System and the OneCoin cryptographic cash? By and by you adjust more IN 18 Unique Dialects!

Take a gander at THE Connections Underneath TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN:

• English • Chinese • Spanish • French • Portuguese • Italian • Turkish • Arabic •

• Romanian • Danish • Russian • German • Swedish • Hungarian • Clean • Norwegian • Japanese • Korean •

OneLife Video Introduction. The Fate of Installments [ENG]



The opportunity has arrived to start the getting ready for the dispatch of the Trade. For the explanations behind the most ideal movement of the stage and its correct abuse from all of the customers, we should uncover some knowledge onto the going with:

The exchange Stage will empower all customers to exchange:

Fiat to Fiat (each and every Significant Cash) FF

Crypto to Fiat (All Major supported Cryptos against Significant Fiat) CF

Fiat to Crypto (All Real Fiat against Major confirmed Cryptos) FC

Crypto to Crypto (All Major confirmed Cryptos against major supported cryptos) CC

The procedure will be directed by the accompanying advances:

1-Stage one: Consistence - Due Industriousness - KYC 

Customer should proceed with the going with:

1.1-Register name, email and convenient. You ought to institute the email and approve the flexible by OTP

1.2-Once the enrollment is done. You should meet the KYC necessities

1.3-Once the KYC is certified, you will have a customer profile made on the exchange organize

1.4-Once the profile is insisted, you will have the probability to make a present record similarly as the wallet you will use

1.5-Record and wallet will be certified quickly and you will be prompted for start trading and exchange

2-Stage two: Trade and Exchanging 

You ought to more likely than not trade and exchange fiat and computerized monetary standards.

2.1-You should pick the kind of trade you have to execute (Purchase or Sell)

2.2-You should pick which kind of exchange and trade you will execute (FF/CF/FC/CC)

2.3-Framework will be enabled to embrace the trade in the wake of checking beyond what many would consider possible and the openness of advantages in the present record or crypto in the wallet

2.4-Once the movement is attested the customer ought to assert the execution of trade by OTP*

2.5-Once OTP* has been asserted you will be told for the movement of advantages and stream of cryptos all reliant on DVP**/RVP***

3-Stage three: Settlement Administration 

You can move fiat money to another beneficiary

3.1-You should make the portion nuances as required including a Financial parity

3.2-Once a portion is made it should be avowed by OTP*

3.3-Once OTP* asserts the portion it should be checked by Consistence

3.4-Once Consistence supports the portion, customer must get a notice for execution of settlement

3.5-Once settlement nuances are made, you should insist it by OTP*

3.6-Once OTP* insistence is entered, consistence will check the authenticity of data

At the point when data endorsement is done by consistence, you will get a notice of execution. The recipient will get a notice for social affair of advantages with a reference number.

*OTP is the code traversed SMS to insist the convenient number

**DVP infers movement stanzas portion

***RVP means receipt stanzas portion


Take a gander at the latest 3+1 Mass headway for everyone out there, restless to continue adjusting new things and advancing further with their guidance!

Directly you will get the opportunity to obtain 3 OneAcademy Instructive packages through Bank Wire or Flawless Cash and get 1 free!

Pick among the packs open in the Shop section of your back office or basically click HERE.

The headway is generous until 25th August!

Preparing can open any gateway, clutch your shot and become together with your gatherings!

NEW Authority Positioning PERIOD

Dear customers, 

We should reveal to you that the expert positions' figuring period will be resolved for the period 01/08/2019 - 15/09/2019

To all the certified pioneers out there - thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!

"A pioneer is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and exhibits the way" - JOHN C.MAXWELL

Purpose OF THE MONTH - NEW Trader Holler!

In light of the incredible info we have been having from customers and sellers on the DealShaker organize, we should start another action – "New shipper Holler".

The preparation has showed up - Results are driven by motivation!

By what means may we spike people to achieve more? 

As you no doubt know DealShaker is the endeavor everybody is correct presently enthused about. As a possibility for extending the estimation of ONE, rehearsing its usability and encouraging others to join, the stage is a phenomenal business focus point for vendors, customers and crypto fans. Here comes our latest mission - to enable the freshest merchants that are significantly fiery and on edge to make an astounding introduction and achieve more and besides to empower them to end up surely understood on the DealShaker arrange.

In what manner may you add to the New shipper Holler? 

We will foresee that suggestions for new shippers ought to be elevated or to be given a shout out in the prospective notices or our Facebook page. The seller can be connected with the movement business, neighborliness, sustenance and drink, magnificence, prosperity or any domain you think colossal. The merchants must be in a packed zone or guest objective wherever all through the world.

If you have visited or think about any interesting courses of action and brokers on the DealShaker arrange, we will envision your proposition!


Hallo, singular pilgrims! 

We are going to Kazakhstan so hold your breath! If you take after us and no country is far enough nor amazing enough by then… How about we make a dive!

Kazakhstan is the greatest landlocked country on earth. It is a crosscountry country which means it has been controlled by various families and assaulted by various spaces. The region of Kazakhstan consolidates flatlands, steppe, taiga, shake crevasses, inclines, deltas, snow-beat mountains, and deserts which makes the scene unimaginably different and engaging for certain swashbucklers.

The capital Nur-Sultan (Astana City) is populated by more than 1 million people. If you have picked the city as your objective you can do stay at Syr-Arna Inn (username: Almaz2009) which offers coupons on DealShaker for a twofold standard, twofold semi-lux and twofold lux rooms (for 2 individu

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