!!Good News!! OneCoin Exchange Date Confirm

The most recent improvements: OneCoin Exchange Date Confirm.

For Platform: OneCoin Exchange Confirm 


The stage's status date is 100% (not the cash exit for exchanging as is normal).

⏩➩The green light for exchanging is the national bank (arranges between Alwan Life and the German organization responsible for EXCHANGE).
Exchanging will in all likelihood happen before the part of the bargain (as per most shading pioneers).

⏩➩The organization at long last got every one of the licenses (moves, exchanging …).
For instance, you can move your money from the stage to your territory bank legitimately (with no issue .. since the organization has an exchange permit as western association …).

⏩➩During the beginning of exchanging will be moved to the shades of Queen inside boundless (not as now you can just change over hues to upline or downline and just and a restricted rate) implies you can send a boundless number of hues to anybody, regardless of whether not with you in the system ..

⏩➩The exchange of hues from your wallet in the shades of the stage will be restricted each day (the organization has not yet decided the rate).

With the stage you can:

  • ¥ convert one money to another cash (eg from Euro to Dollar ..). 
  • ¥ Convert money cash to advanced money (eg from euro to one coin). 
  • ¥ Convert advanced money to money cash (eg from one coin to euro). 
  • ¥ Convert advanced money to computerized cash (eg from one coin to bitcoin). 

⏩➩As to the withdrawal of assets from the stage to the land, the bank will be typical (on the grounds that the organization got an exchange approval).


⏩➩Before long, an extraordinary Delshker will be opened in Morocco (everything is prepared) and Leader Said Rajab will be responsible for endorsing the items offered by traders (in light of the fact that a sensible cost must be set for the item to be affirmed).

⏩➩System advertising will be affirmed even in Dealership (for example in the event that a trader enlists on your connection you will procure a level of the commission).

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