What are Phonoreceptors

The receptors which respond to sound are called phonoreceptors.The true phonoreceptors are present only in insects, arachnids and centipedes.


  1. Typanic or tympanal organs: Some invertebrates respond to sound induced vibrations of substratum. For example: crickets, grasshoppers and cicadas own phonoreceptors known as tympanic or tympanal  organs. This organ consists of a hard, tough, flexible tympanum. It covers an internal sac. The sound waves strike the sac. The sac allows the tympanum to vibrate. Sensory neurons joined to the tympanum. These neurons are stimulated and they produce a generator potential.

  2. Slit sense organs: Most arachnids possess phonoreceptors in their cuticle. They are called slit sense organs. They can sense sound-induced vibrations.

  3. Organ of Tomosvary: They are prssent in centipedes.These receptors are sensitive to sound. But their physiology is poorly understood.

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