Tactile Receptors | tactile receptors in the skin

The receptors which receive the stimuli of touch are called tactile receptors. Tactile (touch) receptors are derived from modification of epithelial cells. Tactile receptors present on the projections of body surface. Its examples are various bristles, spines, setae, and tubercles. The contacts of an object deformed these receptors. These deformations initiate the receptor. The receptors start sensory neurons. It originate a generator potential. Most tactile receptors are also sensitive to vibrations. These vibrations are produced by water or substrate.

  1. Tube-dwelling polychaete contains tactile receptors. These receptors detect the movement in their surroundings. So they retract quickly into their tubes.

  2. Web-building spiders have strong tactile receptors. It can sense prey in webs through vibrations of web thread.

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