Differentiate between induction and deduction



Induction means inference of a result from particular facts.

For Example

Suppose you go to a shop to buy some apples. You take up an apple and bite it and find it sour. You look at apple and examine that it is hard and green.After that, you take up another one but that too is green, hard and sour. The shopkeeper offers you a third apple. But before biting it you examine it and find that it is hard and green. You at once make an opinion that it will also be sour. After this experience you form a general law or hypothesis that:

"All hard and green apples are sour"

This is called Induction.



Deduction means inference of a particular result from a general law.

For Example

Once you are convinced after your own experience that all hard and green apples are sour, you will surely not accept any hard and green apple thinking that it will also be sour. You have drawn out a particular result (all hard and green apples are sour) from a general law (you tried to eat hard and green apples many a time but always found them sour). This is called Deduction.

The process of reasoning that involves inductive and deductive method is called syllogism

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